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The Robotic

Shelly the Robotic Bartender, She’ll pour a drink on the house for ya. Designed and created, using Blender & Substance Painter

Triangles: 13,384
4096 x 4096
PBR Materials



Medieval Halberd

Triangles: 2,544

Texture Size:
2048 x 2048
PBR Materials.

Created in Blender

Textured in Adobe Substance Painter.

This item was a 3D asset for the game “Blade & Sorcery” As a moddable weapon to experience in VR.



Story: Humanity has explored the vastness of space only to find an unrelenting Alien Insectoid Species hell bent on eradicating the human race. In a hidden solar system of a dim cold blue sun. Nebula four the homeworld of the hostel race, where the mega monarch queen. Has been laying dormant until the presents of an outer interstellar presents arrives accidentally disbering the hive, Now all out war has erupted throughout the galaxy.

The Insectoids

A Insectoid Race, able to change their biology for their own benefit, can build, mutate, and evolve easily. Creating technology purely by biochemistry to dominate, and spread throughout the galaxy.

Texture Size: 2048 x 2048
Tri Count Soldier: 13,788
Tri Count Worker: 18,638
PBR Materials.


Mech Suit

Mech Suit equipped with the latest technology to combat the horde of incoming Alien Insectoids, out fitted with a large arsenal of fire power.

Texture Size: 2048 x 2048
Triangles: 41,063
PBR Materials.


Mech Machine Gun

I had made this Machine Gun for the independent game Nebula4, Normally held by the Mech

Modeled in Blender, textured in Substance Painter. Triangles: 9,596.

Textures 2048 x 2048.
PBR Materials.