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Freelance 3D Artist with expertise in modeling characters, props, creatures, and various other assets. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any queries. My proficiencies include working with Unreal and Unity, as well as collaborating with indie developers.




3ds Max






Work Experience

Dragon of the Void

Created many modular assets such as custom armor sets and weapons. I started the Concept Art by hand and worked accordingly with their artist vision to create the 3D Models. Items included, Snake Hyde Armor, Spider Hyde Armor, Victorian Dress and Winter Gear. Created the textures in Substance Painter, using my own Smart Materials, and used Decal Machine creating the stitching on assets. Imported textures to match the style of the previous assets. Rigged the modular assets too a preset human rig, and weight painted accordingly with blendshapes when needed.


Working with VR Technology for a Virtual Reality Gaming Experience. I work closely with the team on creating Game Ready Assets including Environment Terrain, Hard Surface and Organic Models. Following a low poly style aesthetic, with an emphasis for stylized textures and materials.

Collaborating with Coworkers on Game Design, and implementing plans into the gaming world for the best experiences. Building a fluid environment with seamless transition between levels and areas for Game Design

Spooky Game 2023 – 3D & 2D Artist

Worked closely with an Developer to achieve a highly stylized artistic vision, for a lowpoly modeling blocky aesthetic to match a 2D world environment. I created a great number of human characters that players would interact with spookie ghosts and included animations, and Items. That players would pick up during game play.

I used Blender to model the Ghost, Players and Items. Then Rigged and Animated them. Setting up a 3D to 2D Pipe Line to streamline them into a 2D Sprite Format, for the 2D Games Isometric view. Including lighting to match the world environment.

Amaranth Chronicles – 3D Character Artist

Followed provided Concept Art and Design Language to create 3D Character Model named Torque. A Dangerous Cybernetic Assassin. 

Created Highpoly Model to Lowpoly using Blender, and then textured in Substance Painter, I then rigged it in blender using Blender’s Rigify then posed the human model accordingly. Then imported the model into Unreal 5 Engine. Rendered it with various poses.

Colony Wars Redux Demo – 3D Artist

Rebuilt from the ground up, “Colony Wars: Redux” brings the first two games in the franchise into the modern era with modernized graphics, improved enemy A.I., all the space combat action of the originals, and an entirely new 3rd game that will carry on the legacy.

In 1997 “Colony Wars” landed on the PlayStation 1. We joined the League of Free Worlds and their epic struggle for freedom, now we join them again. Join the resistance, hop in the cockpit of your Dark Angel and join us as we take the fight to the tyrannical Earth Empire.

Worked within a dedicated team to achieve a playable demo. Recreated game assets based on the original design. Create various materials and particle effects. UV maps tailored to large scale models.

Outward Inc – Content Developer 

Worked within a 3D Modeling Division on creating photorealistic and real world scale assets, for Images, VR and AR Experiences with 3D Models. Created two to three models away for three years. Working on various types of many different types of name brand furniture, including Beds, Couches, Dressers, Bookshelves, Lamps, and General Household Objects Generated a large asset library of reusable objects. 

Followed 3D Modeling procedures, for materials and standard UV unwrapping practices specified by materials. Improved and implemented pipelines to streamline productivity in asset generation.   Responsible for working with customer name brand deadlines. Created 3D Models based of 3D Scans, CAD files, and detailed Photo References. Works closely with teams and various in house projects.